Data & cyber defence

The threats to business value do not come only from competitors or changing market environments. Data leaks and cyber attacks are increasing risks to firms of all sizes. Our in house experts and external specialist consultants will respond quickly and effectively to minimise the threat and mitigate risk.


Crisis management & training

Crisis management and training helps your team prepare for the unexpected — and to have playbooks ready for a quick reaction to a crisis, with a cohesive, consistent response across your business. Teams will know individual responsibilities and can be prepared for many varied scenarios. They’ll know what action to take,and act with confidence and assuredness knowing the company’s aims and objectives.


AI & blockchain

AI, blockchain and other ledger technologies are set to impact all aspects of business, with accelerating effect. Our team has deep knowledge, having worked with early AI systems since 2013, and embracing blockchain technologies since 2015. Whilst no one can be sure of how business operations will be affected, we have the insight and expertise to advise on maximising opportunities whilst mitigating risks.


Disputes & litigation

Disputes can absorb disproportionate time and resources, and so we are commercially minded and timely in providing advice, for cost effective solutions that resolve clients’ problems. We do not shy away from use of the Court System where appropriate, but also encourage use of Alternative Dispute Resolution forums, including arbitration, mediation and adjudication.


Compliance & GDPR, ESG

We advise clients on how best to achieve their aims whilst meeting the challenging demands of developing regulatory frameworks. We support businesses by assessing compliance, identifying and addressing areas of weakness, and resolving incidents so as to maintain hard-earned reputations.